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Dawn and Chris CST Graduation Showcase_edited_edited.jpg


Dawn & Chris are a dynamic stand-up comedy couple sharing life's laughs. This Podcaster & Professor raised a son that played in the NFL. They are now embracing their empty nest doing comedy together. 


Proving opposites attract (think Keely Jones & Roy Kent from Ted Lasso) Dawn brings a warmth, charm and "we are family" vibe to the stage and her podcast with her lighthearted observational humor on her human experience. While Chris exposes a witty comedic style paired with a dry sarcastic sense of observational humor in the classroom and now on stage.

"Dawn is one of the funniest women I have had the pleasure of working with and a true professional that delights every audience she performs for!"

"Dawn is a very funny talented comedian and by far my favorite comedian to work with!"

Nationally Touring Comedians

"Chris' stage presence is fantastic!"
"I love your originality. Right away he had a bond with the audience."
"I like him. The punchlines delivered every time!"
"It's amazing to see a professor doing comedy!"

Comic Genius Judges

"Just went to our first comedy show to see Dawn & Chris and their funny friends!!! Lots of laughs!! It was an awesome show with very talented comedians. We will definitely be back!"
"Thank you for putting on a top notch show for us! So much fun!"

FWAF Fan & Venue Partner

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